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It is our mission to change the narrative surrounding system-impacted people by confronting social justice issues of mass incarceration, health, racial, economic, education and housing inequities through uplifting the voices of impacted communities in the Central Valley through the following Programs.

Health Equity

Our organization is determined to ensure everyone in our community has equal access to affordable, quality healthcare and resources. With this in mind, we address food insecurity by distributing food to those in need through our monthly food giveaways.

Education Equity

Community Interventions attends board meetings to advocate for the issues important to community members. We are taking the initiative to do the leg work required to keep parents informed and in control of the narratives at the board meetings. In light of black and brown students being disproportionately disciplined, suspended, and expelled by the Kern High School District we encourage parents to assist and engage at the meetings and voice their concerns. Black and Brown students deserve to experience education of the same quality as White students. Therefore, student and parent advocacy through civic engagement is a key factor to bring about the equity that is deserved in our school districts.

Law Enforcement Accountability

Law enforcement accountability  is about the  transparency between  the community and  Law Enforcement. We seek to inform and educate the community on public safety information that is  available. In addition, Community Interventions has joined an advisory panel to reform the Bakersfield Police Department Use of Force Policy due to  Bakersfield Police Department being the deadliest police force in the country.

Department of Juvenile Justice

Community Interventions works towards creating alternatives to incarceration, building youth leadership, abolishing systemic imprisonment, and activating youth in the community. Our organization has persistently advocated for restorative justice practices and the implementation process of  SB823 for Kern County youth. And simultaneously coming up with alternatives for incarcerated youth upon their release that are not in conjunction with probation. Furthermore, the closure of all Departments of Juvenile Justice in California took place June 30th, 2023, the same day that our youth graduated from our inaugural political education series.Overall, we are developing youth leaders for advocacy and policy change.  As we continue to navigate the implementation of the bill and how it will affect the juveniles and families in Kern County.

Youth Leadership Development

Youth Leadership development is a program designed to build and promote leadership skills for young people to advocate for themselves and their communities. We meet and have open discussions about the issues they experience in their neighborhoods that oppresses our youth. We provide and promote a safe space for collective communication, mindful thinking, healing practices, restorative justice and reimagining justice. 

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